I am interested in how decorative arts and craft traditions weave into and at times dictate cultural relationships and power dynamics between peoples. My work is driven by history and current events, with research, critical theory, and personal reflection driving my process. Linking past and present, my sculptural work celebrates both traditions of handmade craft and mass produced, discardable everyday objects.

I combine traditional ceramics and textiles techniques with contemporary repurposed and industrial materials. My process is driven by a combination of traditional technique and untrained improvisation, resulting in sculptural objects that oscillate between discordant and aesthetically pleasing. This dichotomy comes from my desire to push and question the relationship between order and chaos, between power and anarchy, both within the individual and on a larger societal scale. My current work aims to explore these relationships through the study of decorative art history and through my process of fluctuating between being a student of formal material craftsmanship and the immediacy of constructing through experimentation and play.

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